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Ensure Your Business Is Compliant

For many small-business owners, there are enough pressures associated with simply running a business, without even considering the stresses and difficulties of compliance. However, failing to comply with applicable federal and state regulations can have drastic consequences.

At Larry H. Hipsh, III, P.A., Attorney & Counselor at Law, I spend a great deal of time working with businesses of all sizes and types to help them create corporate governance plans that protect the interests of owners, directors, shareholders and other involved parties.

An Experienced Business Lawyer Helping You Protect Your Business

As your business’s attorney, I can assist with all document preparation pertaining to your corporate governance plans and compliance. This representation includes:

  • Business formation and the ancillary issues that may arise
  • Drafting of entity ownership documents such as shareholder agreements and operating agreements
  • Counseling owners, directors, managers, and officers of fiduciary duties, record keeping and governance
  • Corporate compliance with statutory requirements
  • Corporate liquidation
  • Corporate dissolution

My law firm counsels clients in every facet of running a business. I can help provide a big picture analysis with an eye toward the future while also protecting your present interests.

Get The Right Legal Representation For Dealing With These Complex Issues

Having spent my career assisting Florida-based businesses, I strive to provide all of my clients with the peace of mind they need to be able to run their businesses effectively. Contact my Fort Walton Beach based law firm at 850-855-4184 if you would like to learn more and discuss your business situation in depth.